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San Antonio, TX

New Metals Inc. has a mission to provide only the very best expanded metals & perforated metal fabrication services. Our company excels at creating highly versatile and durable expanded metal. Our solutions are ideal for enclosures, manufacturing, construction, support, decoration and more. We offer unprecedented advantages, which are integrated into our product design. Our company utilizes a number of warehouse service centers across North America. These centers are stocked with a wide range of products which reduces lead times on most orders. New Metals Inc. is actively working to manufacture high performance and long lasting metal solutions. New Metals Inc. has extensive manufacturing experiences that date back to 1954. Our company offers a full spectrum of products including: expanded metals, perforated metals, expanded metal grating, light-gauge floor plate, ornamental metal, metal refuse baskets and more. Our engineers at New Metals Inc. can easily manufacture products in a variety of metals including carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel. If a customer is looking for a unique metal solution then New Metals Inc. will work hard to find the most ideal metal. Our highly trained engineers also supply a number of secondary services such as shearing, finishing and parts fabrication. New Metals Inc. is one of the largest expanded metals manufacturers in North America and we are a proud member of numerous trade organizations including: Expanded Metal Manufacturers Association, Industrial Perforators Association, Metals Service Center Institute and National Association of Trailer Manufacturers. We have a reputation for creating top of the line products. Our resilient products are designed from the highest standards and are compliant with ISO 9001. New Metals Inc. is striving to supply the highest quality products in a timely manner while keeping costs low. For more information about us, please call a representative or visit our website!

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